DATEL Digital Voltmeters

  The voltmeter is a self-powered, positive-reading DC voltage monitor and is a great replacement for older style, hard-to-read, analog panel meters. Simply connect a DC voltage across the rear terminals and the meter is fully operational no additional components or power supplies are required! The case is made of rugged, epoxy-encapsulated, polycarbonate which provides protection against shock, vibration and moisture. The operating temperature range is -13 to +140 degrees F.

Standard meters have red LED digits. Meters with blue digits are available on special order, but blue is not recommended if you plan to ride your motorcycle at night. Colors other than red can seriously affect your night vision.

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Technical Specifications Sheet in PDF format.

Pictures of Installations on Gold Wings

Installation notes from the FJR1300.INFO website.

Install meter in a side mirror

Pictures from the FJR Owners website.

Typical Installation Without Bezel

Other Miscellaneous Pictures

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